Joy Beseth

Joy Beseth



About Coach

My first Crossfit experience only lasted a couple of months at a local gym during college. Fast forward to four years ago when I joined 2020. I googled the closest Crossfit gym near me, tried out a class, and joined. Best decision ever. Becoming more fit as well as maintaining fitness through injury has been a huge catalyst in my career and overall lifestyle. I have visited Crossfit gyms around the world and truly love the camaraderie that comes from a love of fitness!

Turning Point

During a six-month training program, I had been tested multiple times in my ability to complete a max set of push ups. At one point I was told to complete 103 pushups (as soon as anything other than your hands or feet touched the ground, you failed). I completed exactly 103 pushups. The next time I completed 126 and during the final test, I completed 146 pushups. Had anyone ever told me I was capable of doing that many pushups, I would have laughed. Our bodies are so much stronger and more capable than we can believe!

Motivation & Passion

I want to inspire others to become better versions of themselves. Period. I want to help people set goals and help them achieve them. Regardless of your skill level, athletic ability, or experience, you have a goal in mind, so let's crush it together. Do you want to be stronger? Healthier? You can do it and I will be in your corner nudging and encouraging you along. So whether you're a student or adult, training for an upcoming lacrosse season, or training for a triathlon, or you just want to move better, I'm your coach.

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