Tom Cotter
Tom Cotter
Tom Cotter

Squat: 445

DL: 485

Power Clean: 305

Snatch: 225

Bench: 285

Clean and Jerk: 275



Rehabilitation Specialist

BS exercise physiology

Barbell Rehab Certified



Tom Cotter

Fitness has really been my therapy throughout life. In grade school, I was teased and didn't feel very confident. Lifting weights gave me much-needed confidence. Working out has helped with the stress of school, helped with the overwhelming stress of starting a new business, and helped me process my feeling through other major life changes. It channels my spiraling thoughts and gets me back on track!

I like tearing down the stereotypes or the barriers! Crossfit, weightlifting, and working out for that matter are for everyone. They shouldn't be intimidating. I like to show people what they are capable of and see the excitement when they see it for themselves.