Body Composition Analysis

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Easy, hassle-free body composition test provided by 2020's InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. We have the capacity to quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels in less than a minute. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. We recommend testing on a monthly basis to gauge progress. The first session is $45 which includes a thorough 15 minute review of the results. On a continuing basis, 2020 Clients are able to utilize the machine as much as desired for $10 per scan. 

3 Benefits to Understanding Your Body Composition:


  1. TRACK CHANGES OVER TIME - Understand how you're tracking over a period of time with the Body Composition History chart. The tangible results both motivate and challenge you to keep pushing towards your goals.

  2. STRATEGIZE AND TARGET PROBLEM AREAS - Identify muscle or fat imbalances with the Segmental Lean and Fat Analyses. Utilize the Body Fat - Lean Body Mass Control to your advantage to receive a general understanding of how much muscle and fat needs to be gained/lost.

  3. DESIGN NUTRITIONAL PLANS WITH POWER - Based on your Basal Metabolic Rate, you can factor in TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) to create a specific daily caloric intake and meal plan. No more guesswork in deciding how many calories you have to take in.

Concierge Fitness Assessment


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Prior to joining the concierge program, we have each of our athletes undertake an assessment which includes a questionnaire, body fat % analysis, and a fitness assessment. Use of the InBody 570 that breaks down fat, muscle, and total body water is included in the Intro Session and is used on a quarterly basis throughout the Concierge Program.

Concierge Coaching Program 


Lead by Jon & Jeremy, the goal of the concierge program is to optimize your training at 2020 by applying the right nutrition for your goals and scaling a program specific to your needs. In a private training environment with our expert coaches, you can ask the questions that are specific to your lifestyle and your training - and get the answers to move the needle. In as much as we believe 2020 is a great training environment, everyone at some point reaches a plateau and the concierge program is designed to help push you past your current level of health & performance.


During your periodic 15 minute sessions, you'll have the chance to review goals, expectations, weaknesses, and next steps. Your coach is there to answer questions about the right diet for you, the right program for you, and what your fitness focus should be. It's the ultimate accountability tool to dial in your results. NOTE: Minimum requirement for all plans is 3 months.


Meet weekly or monthly with your designated coach by choosing one of the following plans:


Optimization Plan - (limited availability) Weekly 15 minute sessions. $125/mo


Get Back on Track Plan - 2 x 15-minute sessions monthly. $75/mo


Maintenance Plan - 1 x 15 minute session per month. $40/mo