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Girls only Athlete Academy

The all girls Athlete Academy was designed for your daughter to build strength, resilience and confidence.  It’s for the female teenage athlete to have a place to be around peers with a like-minded goal: to advance her athleticism for sport.  Resistance training, conditioning, speed, agility and injury prevention are the focus.

The program is designed around the three school sports seasons: fall, winter and spring.  A six week program precedes each of the seasons to help prepare her to begin the season strong and in shape.  In between each session, we will have a four week interim program for athletes that are out of season and want to keep progressing.  Your daughter can sign up for any or all of the sessions as the programming can meet her where she is in her sports journey.

The ideal age group is for high school girls, however 7th and 8th graders are welcome if they participate in sports and have a good work ethic.  Each cycle of the program will vary in age based on who signs up, likely due to the sports season.


3 six-week sessions per year at $300: 

Jan/Feb (to prepare for spring sports)

June/July (to prepare for fall sports) 

Sept/Oct (to prepare for winter sports)

3 interim four week sessions per year at $200:

April, August and November 

All classes are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 4:15-5:00pm and will be coached primarily by Kym van Zanten, CSCS.


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