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November's Plan

November is going to be all about hitting the reset button. Both physically and metabolically. We’re going to engage in 5 days of intense mobility training, give your body a break from the constant barrage of inputs (food) and give you some low-intensity exercise that yields big results. If you’d like more information - You can sign up and find all of that here!

Starting Sunday, November 14th at 12 pm

NOTE: Extended fasting may not be for everyone, and is something that should be approached with respect, knowledge, and the support/guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. It’s also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone with a history of disordered eating should consult with a medical professional prior to engaging in any sort of fasting.

Each year around this time I do an extended ‘fast’. I find it to be a great time of the year to reset my metabolism, work on a little mental toughness, and clear up some space in my mind. This year I’m inviting a group to go along with me, presuming your doc is okay with you giving it a try. If for any reason you’re not cleared medically, please hit the pause button and join us next time!

You can have it your way as we have 3 options this month. One that will suit you where ever you are on the ‘fasting spectrum’. Just remember - it’s only 5 days!  

Level 1 - 6 hour windows & done by 3 pm
Level 2 - Alternate day intervals
Level 3 - All the way baby

The main thing we’re after for those who are doing the level 3 version is to get past the 36-hour mark where all the magic happens. Namely “Autophagy”. This is by definition the cleaning out of damaged cells in order to generate newer healthier cells. This is a self-preservation mechanism built into our biology that allows us to boost our longevity, detox, improve our skin, and give us a boost of clean energy.

On top of this, fasting allows you to become more insulin sensitive meaning you're body will have less sugar cravings, be more satisfied when you do eat, and shuttle the food you do eat to the right spots (muscles vs. fat storage).

My favorite resources on the topic are:

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Dom D'Agostino

On to the business in front of us. What we’re going to prescribe each day is three things:

  1. Mobility x 20 minutes.
  2. A 30-minute walk with a heavy backpack (30#‘s +)
  3. Some sort of fasting regiment

I’m going to give you some tools that I use to cheat my way through the fast so you can have advance time to purchase them, practice some shorter versions and build your confidence a bit going into the week of November 15th.

These include: Ketones, Fiber, Bone Broth, Salt, LMNT, MCT, Coffee (BP)

Those are tools that can help you navigate your way through and make crashing much less of an issue. NOW - this is not a purest fast as it’s not water only which people will tell you is the only way to do it. If you’re successful this time with the help, perhaps next time you try water however note that you will likely not feel as good. Since we’re doing this during the week, I want to minimize any crappy feelings as you still need to be a productive human being - or at least I assume.

So you basically have a couple of weeks to try things on for size. Here is what I’d recommend you practice a time or two.

  1. Skip a breakfast (should be no problem at all)
  2. Skip dinner or eat a really early dinner around 2-3 pm
  3. Do a 24 hour fast (you choose the timing)
  4. Go lunch to lunch (24 hours)
  5. Try skipping food for a day (36 hours)

If you’re able to do a 36 you’re more than prepared to knock this whole thing out. Be prepared for a wild experience. You’ll go through all kinds of highs and lows and come out the other side with a more stable metabolism and flexibility that Gumby would be jealous of.

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