Brooke Hinders
Brooke Hinders
Brooke Hinders

Clean & Jerk: 145

Fran = 4:57

Jackie = 7:42

Sub 6 Min Mile


Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise

Full Time Coach

Brooke Hinders

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowaasa competitive cheerleader from grade school to high school.  Duringthat time, I tried out for a well-renowned team in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved there to pursue my dream of becoming a World Champion. Afterlots ofhard work and dedication, I am proud to say I ended my competitive cheerleading career as a two-time World Champion. Icontinued cheering at the collegiate level until the Pandemic took college virtual, and I began my fitness journey. Ifell in love with group training because it felt like I was right back on the cheerleading mat with my teammates, anddoveinto a coaching opportunity as a group fitness instructor. There, I grew to manage the fitness studio as Head Coach while completing my degree online and graduating a semester early with a 4.0 GPA. Ithen continued to divefurther into fitness by trying my first CrossFit class. Iinstantly fell in love with the performance training and gymnastic skills that reminded me so much of the sport I grew up doing. Ifeel so luckyto now beable to combine that enjoyment with my career! IfI'm not working out, I am most likely walking my dog Cocoa, spendingwaytoo much time shopping on Amazon for things I don't need, or re-watching The Office for the 1,678th time.

A big turning point in my life was when Imade the decisionto move to Atlanta, Georgia to compete on a world-renowned team. I wanted to continue to grow in my sport and conquer my dream of becoming a World Champion, but I knew with my resources in Iowa I was going to need to make a change. However, I was just 14 years old, and that's not something most families would even consider letting their children do. However, my parents believed in me and their support helped cure my doubts. I made the team for a reason, and I am so glad they pushed me to pursue this opportunity because it allowed me to not only conquer my dream once, but twice of becoming a World Champion! If I would have listened to my doubts, I would have never known what was on the other side. I think the same is true for our athletes. You will always doubt a certain weight, a rep count, or a time cap, but if you can silence those thoughts and push yourself to try, you never know what can happen. As your coach, I want to be your biggest "cheerleader" in pushing you to achieve what you never thought you could!

My purpose for coaching is to be a light for our clients. You never know what someone is going through, but when they walk through those doors I want to make sure they can forget about whatever that is, and leave with a smile on their face. There's nothing better than connecting with a community, and knowing that everyone in the room feels the same way for those 50 minutes. No, we are not going to set a personal record every day, but we can personally give 100% of that day to conquer our goals one step at a time, and have fun while we do it!

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