Jon Rowley

Jon Rowley

Founder & Chief Fitness Officer

Is there a score for mental toughness? I'm much more mentally tough than I am physically fit and this gets me into trouble from time to time. 2 truths and a lie: I can do a backflip on skis. My first marathon was in the Ironman. I used to eat apples on Monday and peas on Tuesdays.


Certified CrossFit Trainer

Certified The Ready State Coach

CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2

CrossFit Kettlebell

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit Kids

Adult & Child CPR/AED USAW

Olympic Weighlifting

Invictus Athlete Camp

Carl Paoli Freestyle Seminar

Win Hof Poland Expedition

Wim Hof Advanced Module

SealFit 20x Finisher

About Coach

From Green Lake Wisconsin which is famous for being the deepest lake in the state (237 ft, thanks or asking) as well as having a population of 1,100 people. Jon had 34 people in his graduating class (2 of which were from China) and gets excited about literally anything. He received degrees in Accounting and Finance from Marquette university then naturally went into real estate development before being laid off in 2008. The common sense next step was to move to Colorado (Beaver Creek) to be a ski instructor which he did full time for 3 winters. During the summers he practiced his Ironman skills and trained anyone who would listen between gigs bartending, landscaping, and being an international traveling nanny.

Turning Point

Somehow in 2010, he convinced the woman of his dreams to be his wife. They are still married which is a testament to her patience & desire to improve every aspect of Jon. They have 2 kids (Duke 4, Ford 2) and one in the oven due in October. Before starting 2020FIT, Jon worked for Accenture doing spreadsheets like a boss. In his spare time for two years, he would coach in his garage, then work all day, then coach in the evenings before going full-time fitness in 2014. If you’d like to get in touch with Jon you can find him sometimes updating stuff on Instagram @jon2020fit or via email at jon@2020.FIT

Motivation & Passion

To build a better world for his loved ones and this amazing community. Hobbies, in order or priority: Wrestling his boys, anything construction, downhill skiing, mountain biking, epic sauna sessions & oh yeah, working out.

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