Kelly Umbach
Kelly Umbach
Kelly Umbach

Finished 12 marathons and a 50km

Two Half Ironman triathlons

Go Ruck Challenge

“Goofy Challenge” - half marathon Saturday, marathon Sunday.


CrossFit L1 300 hr

Yoga Teacher

Precision Nutrition

L2 Nutrition Coach

Girls Gone Strong Coach

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Kelly Umbach

I was not an athlete growing up - unless you count Cheerleading (I do, but most don’t!). I started running in my late 20s and went on to complete countless half marathons, a dozen marathons, and a 50k over the next decade. Mix in some triathlons and trail runs - I could not get enough. Until I developed a stress fracture in my femur. During my recovery I knew I had to find another way - I needed to get stronger and mix up my training. Enter CrossFit! I started CrossFit in 2009 and in 2010 opened my own gym, CrossFit 816 (still going strong). Since selling the gym, I’ve continued coaching and diving deep into nutrition and teaching yoga. I am passionate about helping people improve their health in a holistic, mindful, individualistic way.

The real turning point was when I discovered CrossFit. In 2010 it was new to Kansas City and I had never lifted weights before. The confidence, grit, and character development I have found under a barbell changed my body and my mindset in a way I never dreamed.

Empowering people - on the yoga mat or in the gym - to find their purpose and their reason Why. Building physical and mental strength is the best gift you can give yourself, and in turn, give to others. It never gets old watching people smash their limiting beliefs. Outside of that, you could say I’m passionate about a good cheeseburger, the perfect Pinot Noir, and hosting Family Dinners for my 5 kids + significant others, and 2 grandkids.

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