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Jon Rowley


April 18, 2024

April 2024 Newsletter

I’ve called out that I’m addicted to my phone and have taken all kinds of different actions to help me get off it and get in to the real world. Locking my phone up. Deleting social media. Setting timers. Pausing my inbox. Etc. My most accounts, I’m a grown man, and I still have a daily problem with it.

What about a teenager who’s brain is still 10 years from being fully developed?

I can’t even imagine and am so grateful for my Nokia ‘dumb’ phone when I was 16.

I'm reading this book called The Anxious Generation and it is mind blowing and the only thing I want to recommend this month. If you’re a parent or have kids in your eco system, I can’t encourage you to read it enough. It’s a problem. It’s real. And the best part is we can do something about it.

Put simply, we all need to be playing more (sans screen). Outside the house. On the grass. Without structure or purpose. It's eye opening for me and I hope for you too!

Have an amazing month and thank you for doing your part to make 2020FIT the healthy community that it is. Both inside, and more importantly, outside the gym.


April is one of my favorite months as it’s when I complete another lap around the sun. For my birthday I'm trying to get more people in here to be like you!

So from today through the end of the month, if you refer a friend, or anyone you care about living long and well, we'll give you 2 months free (vs. the typical 1).

They have to sign up by the end of April for it to count. So if you have that person on the fence, get their butt in here.

Has your attendance been lacking? Mine too. (see above for my attendance this year)

Last month I did a race that forced me to focus on getting myself well and trying to be less dumb (injury prone).

At some point in your fitness journey, you’re going to feel pretty good, look pretty good and check most of your fitness boxes. So then what? What is your why for coming in to train?

I like to have a carrot that I’m constantly chasing so it keeps me engaged even in some capacity (especially nutritionally) or just generally so I never fall too far off the band wagon. See below - perhaps something to put on your calendar to provide that carrot the next couple of months besides getting dialed for the pool :)

Challenge yourself this summer with a trail race at the farm!

The Short Courses - 5 Miles or 10 miles.

The Long Course - 15 miles = 3 laps

Forward to friends, family, colleagues - It's always a blast!!

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