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May 13, 2022

April 2022 Newsletter

All I can say is WOW. What a turn out Saturday at the farm. The property still has a long way to go however it was a breath of fresh air to have such a great group out to get a sneak peek. Steel Bridge Farms is expected to be open June 4th and will be a part of the 2020FIT offering.

2020FIT members will have access to the property select days each week and will reserve the same as you do for classes. Non-members will need to be accompanied by one of you and will pay for a non-member day pass. All the rest of the details will be released in the coming weeks.

Amenties to include:

Camping + glamping, 10 miles hiking & mountain biking, swimming, fishing, shooting range AND mostly a place to just get off our screens and reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Going straight for the heart this Shred. We're going to practice self-restraint - As Brit can attest with my birthday coming up "everything I would get you for your birthday, you buy for yourself". So for 12 days, we're going to do a bit of a spring cleaning by doing a little fasting, killing social media, running a bit, AND eliminating online shopping (I'm cringing right now).

Note: I find it ironic that you'll have to 'online shop' to sign up for this Shred :)

Let's Get Signed Up

Our first major event out at the farm is a trail race I’ve long dreamed of putting on, mostly so we can hand-select what goes into the aid stations :)

Middle Creek Meltdown is a 10 mile or 6 hour (for max distance) trail race. The 10 mile distance is perfect for the first-time trail runner (I’ve taken plenty of people on their first 10 mile trail run and so far all have survived).

The 6 hour is for those who want to push their endurance limits and complete as many laps as possible.

If you have ever run a 10k on pavement, you will LOVE the 10 mile on the trails - a completely different and much more enjoyable experience (I really mean that).

Register Here

A Couple Things I'm Playing With:

- Podcast on glucose spikes and how limiting them will prevent aging. Brit shared this with me and has been dropping blood sugar hacks on the household.

- With the last Shred, I'm trying to eat more meat (read: fewer carbs). This is a fabulous book on the benefits of the meat that happens to be red. Sacred Cow by Robb Wolf

- Whoop - I'm still a believer in this thing, 4 years later. It forces me to prioritize my sleep and provides a nice reminder to get daily 'non-workout' activity.  

We Appreciate You Spreading The Word

The only way we've been able to create the environment that we have here at 2020FIT is due to you spreading the word to your friends and family. As a way of saying thank you, we offer a free month for every referral you send our way.

Thank you for making this such a special place for our team to work and for all of you to get a sweat and much more.

Have a great month!


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