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November 20, 2021

August 2021 Newsletter

Shred + Sauna + Pool = Epic August

August's Shred starts a week from today and is designed to get you back on track! It's only 10 days and will help you get your consistency back up in the gym, clean up your eating and enhance other lifestyle components to boost your results and help you feel amazing! All the info is here.

BONUS: I’m coming out hot this go round and plan to put my money where my mouth is. If anyone beats me on the leaderboard, I’ll give you a month of concierge coaching to someone whose life we can change together ($300 value). If you beat me, chances are you need to start helping coach others :)

We've partnered up with a great new meal prep service here in KC that puts out healthy food and tastes amazing - Beloved KC. I've been using them the last couple of months and it has saved our family that night or two per week where you don't have food and typically resort to something in a box or carry out. Give them a try (orders are due by EOD Friday's and delivered Monday's) and you'll get $20 off per order using the code "2020FIT". https://www.beloved-onthego.comI'm only a little excited about some new amenities we're adding in the coming weeks: a commercial-grade ice bath and barrel sauna. I've been practicing the ice bath and sauna for years at home and am excited to be able to offer this game-changer in recovery to our community.

Party reminder for Saturday, August 28th! Amazing people, sunshine, Kona Ice, and Taco Republic. Looking forward to some good times!! RSVP link below.

Have an amazing Wednesday and rock the rest of your week!


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