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October 12, 2021

Austin R&D Trip

Last week I had the opportunity to travel down to Austin to do some research and development planning for the new facility. Austin has a happening fitness scene and a lot to learn from what they're offering. I got a lot of arcetectual ideas, saw some different class offerings and got in to the vibe of the fitness scene down there. Overall my biggest takeaway is we really have a great thing going here at 2020 and with the addition of some new class offerings in the next 6 months, we'll have the opportunity to take things to the next level by offering you more services & opportunities to get FIT!

Below is a quick review of everything I saw and how it will relate to what we're bring to 2020 2.0:

Spin: So much fun: Great way to sweat and get a little out of breath. We're excited to introduce this program however fully acknowledge it's not a complete workout. It's fun to pump up the music and sweat it out, however it's not going to take your fitness to the next

level. I walked out, dripping in sweat, feeling great to start the day and then walked down the street to CrossFit Central to get a workout in (granted I was there to do exactly that). That is not a knock on spin, it's just acknowledging it for what it is and how it will be a great addition to what we have to the ability to jump upstairs and get a great sweat a time or two per week (some more).

Hot Yoga: Huge fan. I went to a place called Wanderlust one of Austin's best yoga studios and it certainly lived up to the hype. It was a vinyasa flow class and it was about 95 degrees in the studio. We have a heater going into the yoga studio so we'll be able to do exactly this program and I cannot wait. Again, it's not a complete fitness program however it feels great to sweat it out, stretch the body out, and will serve as a great active recovery option for all of us.

Rowing: You do this on a weekly basis so you know what I'm talking about. The cool thing about this class is it was situated on a deck that overlooking the Colorado River and we got to

watch the sun rise which was pretty amazing. Thinking off the cuff here - You'll see a class like this on the roof top deck... The catch with this rowing only class was it was just that, rowing only. Again, a great option to do a day or two per week but not a complete fitness program. We'll certainly be offering these to mix things up and to focus on 'cardio' however want to be blunt in that it's not a complete program.

Rock Climbing: This coming to a child care area near you soon! I went to check out what they offer for kids (which was a lot) and what their general fitness area looks like. We're going to find some opportunities for 'holds' to be installed in the gym so we can all safely work on our grip strength should you be interested in some free soloing in the future :)

CrossFit: No a lot to share here that you're not already aware of. When I go out of town and visit other gyms I never tell people that I'm a coach or that I own a gym. I want to experience what their gym has to offer and I often sit back and enjoy myself. They takeaway is that

coaching is incredibly important and we could all use more of it. Not bashing other gym, but also subtly bashing them.. I don't often receive any coaching when I travel. At 2020 one of the biggest things we try to give you for your money is knowledge - teaching you to move better, how to mobilize, technique tips etc. This was overwhelming obvious from the CF gyms I visited and is further motivation to continue to dial in our craft and bring to you the best coaching in the area and for that matter, the country.

Here's to taking this things up and up! Have a great week!


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