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February 14, 2023

December 2022 Newsletter

I'm back on the breathing rabbit hole.

Five years ago this month, I traveled to the mountains of Poland to learn from the world-renowned Wim Hof, aka 'Ice Man.' We climbed Mt. Snēžka with our shirts off, swam in freezing cold rivers, and got to see a 30,000-foot view of ourselves using his breathing methods.

Long overdue here but I want to start bringing those methods more into the fold of what we do at 2020FIT, so I'm tying it into this month's Shred, which was initially designed to be focused on fasting.

Sign up for the Shred, and you'll have access to one of the two breathe work classes I'm going to do next week (Tuesday the 6th at 5 pm and Wednesday the 7th at 6 am).

For the week starting 12/12, we're going to focus on:

  1. Daily breath work (10 minutes)
  2. Daily cold exposure (no more than 2 minutes)
  3. Some degree of fasting

More info can be found HERE.

This one will be a quick 5-day stint and an excellent reset for the end of the year.

Join me for a fun ride!


Want to lock in a commitment to yourself for the next year!? Click the link above to prepay for 2023 and receive a free month.

This is the lead-up to the December Shred and also a great opportunity to learn some new breathing techniques - Specifically, the Wim Hof Method. All you need is comfy clothes, an hour of time, and an open mind.

Have a college kid? Are you a college kid? Get their/your butt in here this winter break for some fitness. The $125 covers you the entire time you're back for the holidays.

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