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Jon Rowley


December 7, 2023

December 2023 Newsletter

Last month we had a fantastic all-team Friendsgiving. I feel so fortunate that I get to call this crew my colleagues. I shared with them what I now want to share with you, an apology.

For many years with this business, I got to do everything. The key phrase is "got to" and not "had to", as I love what I do in every cell of my body, so much so that it often pulls me away from the people I love most.

As we grew, we got to a point where we were able to delegate out tasks and I was no longer responsible for every item and was honestly able to take a deep breath. And at that point, that was good enough for me as the personal side of the equation had been dying for some sense of normality (and still is as Brit will attest).

So, not having to do everything became good enough, allowing me to take my hands off the reins. Well, I’m here to say that good enough is not fair to our team and certainly not for you.

We've done some amazing things in the last 11 years that our team is proud of and I'm grateful for however I can't help but be excited about what we can do going forward! (see below)

I'm grateful as always to get to serve you, especially during this holiday season where I know it’s an easier time of the year to slip up than usual.

Let us know how we can help keep you on the straight and narrow and thank you!!


Are you looking to commit to a year? We've long only offered this to clients who were 2 years + however I'm changing things up this year so if you want to buy in, literally and physically, just shoot me a note back and we'll get you set up for 2024!

Speaking of looking forward, I'm excited to announce today, officially, that Amanda is the General Manager of 2020FIT. She's the first to hold the role and has done so unofficially for several months prior to announcing to the team at our Friendsgiving. We're grateful to have her skill set running the show. Her healthy compulsion for order will help take the entire organization to the next level. Please congratulate her the next time you see Amanda!!

The only thing better than getting a free month is having an accountability partner to keep you after it. Have someone who's on the fence? Push them in here and it will be worth the while for both of you.

For the Dr. Peter Attia fans out there: We have long had a tool that we've kept from everyone that we now want to put to work. You can get your VO2 max tested and hone in your training based on HR. Reach out to Amanda@2020.FIT to get yours scheduled.

Kiddo in town!? Get them in here. Email samantha@2020.FIT to set up their plan.

***Note some modifications to the schedule around the holidays to emphasize some family time. The 2020FIT app has all class times listed.

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