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October 12, 2021

December Best Ideas​​

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback this month! We've been able to implement a lot of your suggestions and will continue to look for more ideas.

The winning idea came from Jason Bush who suggested a CrossFit Potluck. We've never done one and I think would be a really fun way to close out the nutrition challenge. Details to follow.

Other ideas we considered that we're also working on include:

- Adding nutrition classes. We ideally want to make these a regular occurrences to continue to enhance our communities knowledge of nutrition and the impact it can have.

- Get a group from 2020 to sign up for a 5k as a team (Join me for the Psycho Wycho Feb 23rd - it's 10 miles but it's thought he woods and is 100x more fun than running on roads)

- Spin bikes and different programming. These are literally on the way as we speak.

- Gymnastic specific classes. Awesome request and something we'd like to implement!

Thank you again for all your suggestions - please keep them coming!!

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