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Jon Rowley


February 1, 2024

February 2024 Newsletter

Last month, I was supposed to take some time to reflect on where we’ve been, celebrate a bit, and then start to think about where we’re going. However, rather than looking back, all I wanted to do was hit the ground running.

Fortunately, our software provider forced me to sit down last month for an interview and reflect a bit, which I’ve shared above and outlines a bit about how we came to be and perhaps a bit about where we're going.

We’re still learning every single day and are motivated more than ever to create the best possible experience, fitness or otherwise.

Thank you all for your thorough responses to the survey last month. Read below to see what is coming, thanks to your voice!

Have a great February!!!


We put out a note about how you can now pay for 2020FIT with your HSA/FSA. If you switch your payment information to use the HSA/FSA - please email to inform her so she can make sure it runs correctly.

You’re the best community in the world, and we want the rest of the world to see it.

Sign up for the Open, get a shirt, put your best foot forward, and be a part of what we hope will be one of the biggest affiliate participants in the world. We're off to a good start!!

We are listening, and you’ll see some new classes and class times be rolled out in the near future. Thank you so much for caring about what we do and speaking up. Our amazing clients shape so much of what we do - thank you for being you.

I need to get back to stretching, and so do you. So We're relaunching our mobility program we tried 3 years ago called Sweat and Stretch. Be on the lookout for this on the calendar being offered 2x per week!

Please sleep in after the Super Bowl. We’re opening the gym at 7:00 am so we can focus on the game. Go Chiefs!

I’ve read a couple of books lately that Britni will tell you 1) I’m obsessed with and 2) I think you could stand to benefit from at least one of them.

Accidental Super Power. This has made me more optimistic about living in America (even today, when things appear divided). We live in the most amazing country in the world, and it is this way for reasons I did not previously understand until reading this book. Unreal.

Same as Ever. Timeless concepts to focus on vs. worrying about what will be in the future. This book focuses on what never changes, which is grounding for someone who’s always thinking about the future (to a fault).

Discipline Is Destiny. Ryan Holiday’s next work in a 4-part series (this book #2). Effectively the more freedoms (luxuries) we have, the more self control we need to learn to exert.  

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