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February 14, 2023

January 2023 Newsletter

Rabbit Holes of Health - 2022 Version

Part of my job is to try ‘health things’ out, often fail, and when I do find something that works, share it with as many people that will listen. Well the last 12 months, I’ve gone back to the basics and definitely re-learned some things that I want to share with you in this month’s note.

When we first started the gym, I worked out a lot. If I wasn’t coaching, I was working out (read: testing workouts). As we started to grow, I continued coaching a ton and forgot that I should probably workout myself.  

So in 2022 I made the commitment to get in 6 workouts per week. I’m grateful to say that I got all 52 weeks in and my body is finally starting to come around. So as I look at 2023, I'm looking back at what else worked (besides showing up) over the last 12 months with perhaps the hope that you might give a couple of these a try!

Game Changers for me in 2022:

Accountability. You need someone to be accountable too, and it cannot be your spouse or significant other (well some of you can do this - God bless you). Someone that will bust your chops if you don’t show up and not let anything slip. And vice versa - If you have someone to show up for other than yourself, chances are very high you’ll make it happen.

Early Eating. I eat earlier in the evenings. Not a huge switch, but I try and be done eating by 6 pm most days of the week. This used to be 7 pm, and I’ve noticed a positive effect on my sleep the earlier I eat. If I’m looking to really dial it in, I’ll move back my dinner to 5 or even earlier when possible.

Patience. I want to be ‘ripped’ like yesterday. This whole thing takes time and consistency. Rather than results, I’ve just focused on the process, which for me, is showing up to work out. Is 6 days a week doable for everyone? Maybe not; however, you NEED to move every single day. It’s just a matter of managing intensity (I go hard, maybe once every 10 days) but always keeping the wheels greased.

Breakfast. I’ve skipped breakfast for many years (and lived off coffee), but now that I’m working out regularly, I’ve been having breakfast about 5x a week. I’ve noticed this cuts down on “Jon eating like an idiot” later in the day, and I can have my carb fix if I so desire without the negative consequences.

Off Caffeine. I get a lot of hate here but don’t knock it until you try it. I have more consistent energy throughout the day, tighter pores/better skin (this is the biggest thing I notice, honestly), improved sleep, I’m not burned out at the end of the week, AND clearer sinuses.

The Cold. No one wants to hear this during winter but starting my day every day with a cold shower is a mental and physical win right off the bat. I cannot encourage this enough. You learn how to control your stress response better and bluntly; you just feel like a champ when you’re done :)

As I look at 2023, one of the objectives we have on the Rowley home front is to keep things simple, and we’re looking to do the same thing at the gym. Hammer down on what we do best which is to provide a fun and effective fitness environment, and always incrementally improve our offerings. Thanks for giving us the opportunity, as always. Here's to an amazing year!


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