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Jon Rowley


January 1, 2024

January 2024 Newsletter

I’ve been working on this whole “be a better husband, be the best dad I can be, etc.” now for a long time. And a recent realization is helping me refocus on the home front and it’s a bit startling.

I’m addicted to my phone. And it’s not even social media (which I took off my phone a couple of months ago and was also addicted to), or sports or’s the simple act of texting and emailing.

Either it's the FOMA or holding someone up, or it's my desire for constant chaos. Either way, the fact is, while engaged with the pocket computer, I’m less focused on those around me. (here's a great book on understanding addiction from food, to exercise, to gambling called Scarcity Brain I read recently)

Like most things, I’m all or nothing. So, I’ve chosen the nothing route and have purchased a lock box for my phone. A literal safe for my phone.

Brit will roll her eyes as she has this thing called “self-control” that I’m still working on. But here is the box, with a simple timer on it that I’ll set for an hour or two at night while I should be engaged with the family and not checking emails or texts.

I’m only a month into it, and as this is the New Year, "New You" reflection time for many of us, what is something that is holding you back, physically, emotionally, or intentionally, that you want to work on in 2023? For me, it's the phone demon.

With the clean slate we all have that is now 2024 and the holidays behind us, it's a perfect time to dial in that low-hanging fruit that will make a great impact on your life.

Here’s to an amazing year of making things happen!!


Ben Rocha is the newest addition to the 2020FIT Team who joins us from PushPress Inc. (our CRM system). He is experienced on the software side and is also a Certified CrossFit Trainer of which you’ll start seeing him on the floor in February.

We’re grateful to have his skill set on the team as he works to help us improve the overall client experience. I look forward to you getting to know him!

We always want your opinions on how we can improve so we’ve laid out a survey on new class times we're pitching and we’d much appreciate your response to this quick survey. Thank you!

To me, the annual CrossFit Open, which is a worldwide competition for CrossFitters, is all about having fun and seeing how you compare to your former self.

It's also a chance to get the competitive juices flowing and challenge yourself a bit. Here’s a great article explaining what The Open is if this is your first go-round. There is a classification for everyone so be on the lookout for more information soon!

We're finally hosting a social event at the gym after a long hiatus. Join us on January 26th for a happy hour. Friends, kids, colleagues, and neighbors are welcome! I look forward to seeing everyone in normal clothes :)

Speaking of events - There is a lot happening in 2024. Above is our calendar of events to lookout for.

Whitney Martin, a 2020FIT client of 3 years, is a Master Nutrition Therapist specializing in helping women get to the root cause of their pesky digestive and hormone-related symptoms once and for all.

Come listen to Whitney talk about your hormones, gut health, and nutrition and how it's impacting the results you are getting or not getting in the gym.

Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Buy yourself a jump rope. We're going to be using them a bit more coming up!

Pretty cool feature in this month's Mission Hills Magazine! Have a great January!!

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