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February 14, 2023

July 2022 Newsletter

Best People In The Business

We have the best team in the business. To keep them the best, and to keep everyone fresh, we need to take some rest from time to time. Last year we started the annual tradition of taking our full-time team off-site for a day and then giving everyone a long weekend for some much-needed R&R.

That left one problem - Who will look out for the gym while the majority of the team is gone? We came up with a great idea that was right under our nose - Our AMAZING community.

This year the Community Takeover 2.0 Starts July 13th and runs through the 15th. So we’re leaving the gym (largely) in your hands and are looking for volunteers to herd our precious cats.

This year we’re going to sneak to the farm, blow some stuff up, do some chores, grill some meat, sing a campfire song or two and watch a gorgeous sunset. Then everyone goes their separate ways to sleep in, rest up, and be fresh and ready when we all get back from a long weekend.

While our full-time team will be on hiatus, we’ll still have our amazing part-time staff to help facilitate, keep things operating, help with the music, etc.

So - if you’re like: "I would LOVE to volunteer to help", please fill out this quick form as we will very well likely need you!!

Thanks for helping make this place what it is!

Happy July!


You have until the end of the day today to nominate 2020FIT! (fitness center or gym) Click the link above (takes about 30 seconds). Thanks so much!!!

Last month’s Shred was different and for many - incredibly effective. So, I’m rewinding June’s Shred as I’m a bit high on the results and want others to have access.

The long and short of it is we focused on some additional weight lifting but what moved the needle was the nutrition piece that emphasized carbohydrate timing (read: Fruit before/after workouts) and then emphasis on protein and non-sweat fruits the rest of the time.

Not trying to toot by horn here but I dropped 7 lbs (and have kept it off) and didn’t feel the depravity I do when I do longer duration fasting that provides similar results. So if you want to have the energy to work out / live life AND drop some stubborn pounds this summer, please give this a shot!

Register here. It all starts on July 11th and runs through July 22nd.

Here is what’s coming in July programming-wise. Be in the know. There is some good stuff happening!

We’re making it fun this year (even more fun..) and looking for you and 2 of your buddies to participate. Since everyone might not be fast, we're awarding winners for the following categories plus a special prize to the 7th place overall finishing team.

- Best baton
- Best team name
- Top team overall
- Best costume
- The grand prize goes to the 7th place finisher

$15 per team. Sign up at the front desk.

Lastly - I’ve been thinking a lot more about this as my boys are starting to ask questions about working out and I realize I live in a bubble (an amazing bubble).

Why is it important for kids to be active? And even more important than that - why is it important for us adults to lead by example. Here’s my top 5:

  1. Kids need to learn that hard things are usually worth doing
  2. It feels good to feel good
  3. Strength = confidence
  4. Flexibility decreases likelihood of injury
  5. Active people sleep better, eat better, feel better and just are better in general :)

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