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Jon Rowley


March 20, 2024

Living In The Gain

Whether it’s to lose weight, improve flexibility, get back to your athletic self or just to feel better overall, everyone comes in to our gym with a certain goal.

We’re here to train and not compete. And this gets more confused at this time of the year with the Open which is a 3 week world-wide competition that all CrossFit affiliates participate in. Outside those 3 days of the year, the other 362 days the focus should be training for life and not the leaderboard.It’s much easier said than done when you look to your left and your right and you see someone who is crushing it.

What you have to take into context is that person has probably been in the gym 5x a week for the last 10 years. The most appropriate person to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. The person who wasn’t in the gym or making healthy life choices outside it. So as you get going - give yourself some grace on the amazing improvements you’re making and not let yourself look around - unless that is inspiring which it most certainly is.

Everyone in here has a story and part of that story has been hard work. So come in, do your best for the given day and compare yousself to where you were yesterdday. and tomorrow try and be better than you were today. If you’re a reader - My favorite book on this topic is called “Gap and the Gain”. Cannot recommend this book highly enough. Keep crushing it!

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