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March 28, 2023

March 2023 Newsletter

Here's to Being "Suburban Savages"

We recently took a family trip to Mexico (thanks Joe and Marilee!). Though we left our little man Hank (16 months) at home, it was fantastic family time together. Apart from the sun and surf (and copious Mexican pastries), it was also a cultural experience to reinforce to our 4 and 5-year old kids what a different world we live in and how incredibly fortunate we are.

Part of my shtick for having the farm is creating a place where work = play. Sure we try and enforce this at home, but let's all be honest, home is pretty comfortable. There are many easy buttons we can hit, and we do it more often than not.

I’ve been working on a book for 4 years called “Safe Suffering” as I believe kids nowadays, as every generation before us has said, have it too good. The book is a ways out from getting more of my attention but I'm trying to live it out as a daily focus.

A recurring theme we try to hit on in the gym is the practice of doing hard things. And the importance of showing our little ones the same. I'm not suggesting I'll be giving away my worldly possessions so that my kids learn to suffer but I will promise you that I'm going to demonstrate everything in my power to teach them how to work hard and appreciate like crazy the community they get to be a part of.

Jeremy and I this month took on the topic "Doing Hard Things" on our podcast as it's something we see as collective fallout from perhaps covid or just all of us getting softer as shipping times got faster and more and more content is available at our fingertips - causing us to need to do less and less.

Perhaps it's not original, but I coined a term a couple of weeks ago when a group of us did a 10-mile trail race without training, and actually really enjoyed it. "Suburban Savages". How cool is it to be around people who like doing hard things?

I certainly can't claim to be tough in real life, but I'm trying like heck to be tougher than I am, and I think more of us are realizing that we need a little of the same. What I believe would make a difference is if we all model a little of this toughness for the little ones in our lives, co-workers, or anyone in your world that looks up to you.

Thanks for being a boss. Bringing great vibes. And doing something that is hard each day, most of the time with a smile on your face :)


Favorite Resources For Toughness Inspiration:

- Comfort Crisis - A quick realization that we have it really good and we should actually seek out hard things to do to keep us as human as possible.

- Never Finished - Probably nothing like your upbringing but a solid remember to take advantage of the blessings we have.

- Man's Search for Meaning - Very deep inspiration given the perspective of a Holocaust survivor.

- The Obstacle is the Way - A modern take on stoicism and how typically the thing you must do, is the hard thing.

And now I’m here to put my neck on the line more than ever. I believe so strongly in what we’re doing here and the difference it can make that starting today, anyone who joins 2020FIT, I’ll personally guarantee that they’ll enjoy the experience. If they don’t after 90 days, I’ll give them their money back.

So now there is no excuse as it’s entirely risk-free to get in here and give it a wholehearted try!

Hey - We love your feedback and ideas. And we want to lean into you for some programming ideas, should you have them. Click the link above to create a workout of your own and we could feature it in the weeks or months to come!

We are lucky to have two new team members in Matt & Jerrad. They've both started in the last couple of weeks and we're grateful to have them on board!

Come for a glass of wine and to learn about the once taboo topic of pelvic floor health and what you can do about it from Tanner at Laughlin PPT.

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