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November 20, 2021

October 2021 Newsletter

We Are VERY Lucky

This month's newsletter was supposed to be all about the progression that we've gone through over the course of the last nine years to get to where we are today. (come to the happy hour on October 15th!!)

However, our team has completely stolen the show. For those of you who witnessed in person and those who followed later online, 'we' hosted a competition over the weekend, and it was incredible! You were likely as blown away as I was by how well run and organized it was.

I've received countless compliments over the last week about it and I've had to share with everyone that I literally, and I mean literally, had nothing to do with organizing such a fabulous event.

All the credit goes to our team led by the one and only Jeremy, Peyton our competition expert as well as Kenzie, Amanda, and Samantha who ensured that every detail was thoroughly thought through and executed.

So as much as I am constantly grateful for the amazing community of clients we have, I'd like to especially call out this special group of people and what they bring to 2020FIT day in and day out. What an amazing crew!!!

Grateful to get to work with them! Here's to a great month!


Let's Party (a little bit) on Friday, October 15th from 5-7 pm. We're hosting a BYOB get-together and providing some heavy O'dervous to celebrate 9 years of teaching people how to squat and eat meat and vegetables. Join us even if you can only stop in and say "HI". RSVP here if you haven't already.

We're skipping the Shred in October so you can 'practice up a bit' for what is coming in November. Each year I do a "Metabolic Reset" which is parlance for "extended fast".

I'm going to be guiding a group in November who is interested in learning more about their physiology (and who has been cleared by their doc) to do a 5 day reset. (I'll also be providing a kit to help you be uber-successful)

Each year I choose the week before Thanksgiving as I know full-well I'm going to be throwing down and I want to be as metabolically healthy going into it as possible.

In the meantime, let me know if you're interested so I can throw you on the distribution list so you can 'practice' up a bit between now and then.

It's Hoodie Season!! Get on it. You have until the 13th to reserve yours! Sign up at the front desk or respond to this email.

Save 10% Bulletproof Collagen Protein and save 10%! The flavors you select will be out and ready for you to pick up on the first of each month! (2020FIT Price: $45; Your price $40.50)

Your order will recur every month and be ready for you to pick up at the gym on the 1st of the month.

Collagen sign up:

LMNT Sign up:

Email kenzie@2020.FIT to change your flavor, quantity, or cancel your subscription by the 15th of the month!

Our Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning classes are ROCKING.

If you are looking for a safe environment to get your pre-teen or teenager comfortable in the gym and to develop some amazing habits, look no further. S&C (Teens) classes are at 3:15 and SP (Pre-teens)are at 4:15 Monday - Thursday.

Please take a second next time you see Isabelle (top), Maggie (middle) or Marissa. They've recently joined our amazing team and will be helping at the front desk and looking over the future of fitness in the childcare area.

The only thing that is constant is change. If you've been around you're well aware of that. The next step is reducing the pain in the @$$ factor associated with signing in to class - Enter PushPress.

We're now 100% on PushPress thanks to all of you! Push Press how to reserve classes:

If you want to use the sauna or Ice Bath - Please take this quiz. They are both game-changers! couple of things I'm enjoying:

  • Listening to my coaches - It's this thing I'm trying after jacking up my back last month. They really know what they're doing and can help protect you from yourself. Highly recommended.
  • Invisalign - Dr. Toombs. I started doing Invisalign a couple of years ago to straighten up my teeth and am SO happy I've done so. If you're ever thought about it, it's pretty effortless plus people are a lot nicer than they were when you were 13.
  • Psyllium Husk Powder - This is a great insurance policy against your bowels getting jammed up. It leaves me feeling satisfied yet completely empty :)
  • ION - Patty recommend this to me as a tool to help improve gut health and though I certainly notice an improvement in how things come out, I've also noticed that I feel amazingly hydrated.

We’re building a health Ponzi scheme - Want to get in on it!?

As always if you know someone whose life we can help improve - Shoot them our way and you get a free month here at 2020FIT. We appreciate you spreading the love!

Have a great fall!

Jon & the 2020FIT Team!

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