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Jon Rowley


March 19, 2024

Pause Your Inbox

I've long had a problem with checking my email at night. I've been called a 'workaholic' and rightfully so given some of my actions.

I love my wife and I love my kids. I love time with them more than anything else. For whatever addictive reason, I'm compelled to ensure that I'm not missing out on anything. Fortunately it's not social media, the news or other items that pull me in. But all the same, the 'feed' I'm addicted to is my email.

Solution - I use a tool called "Bommerang" which works with our Gmail account and allows me to set a schedule for pausing my inbox which is a control I need in place to keep me off that devil device that is my phone in the evening. We at least it keeps me off my email with is a good start :)

I've set it to pause at 7 pm which is reasonable given that I'm often working later in the evening and not wanting to keep people waiting on me. And the most important people are waiting for my attention at that time...

You likely have better self control than I do however this is an insurance policy to ensure my focus is where it needs to be in the evenings. Give it a shot if you're addicted as I am!

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