R + R Health

A relatively comprehensive list of everything the Rowley family does to optimize their health and thus, recommend to the 2020 Community
Jon Rowley
February 22, 2022
R + R Health

The following is a relatively comprehensive list of everything the Rowley family is doing and has been recommending to 2020 Clients over the years, to optimize health. By no means are we experts or doctors. We are just crazy passionate about improving our health to live the most optimal life possible - Then sharing what we learn with everyone who will listen. We're not complete puritans, as we like to 'live our lives', however we try to manage any negative repercussions as much as possible. If you have questions or are interested in private coaching, please feel to reach out to me at jon@2020.fit

One more NOTE: The objective of sharing this is to help those who are new to the Community to get up to speed. It took us a long time to figure out a lot of this stuff (and we're still learning) and we do NOT want it to take that long for you. Think of this as an accelerator for your health!

Nutrition- Priority Number 1 - Podcast on Nutrition

General Health Notes​ - You Can Implement Now

Things you can buy that will help improve your sleep - Podcast on Recovery

Bio-Hacking - Podcast on Bio-Hacking

Continued Resources That We Enjoy / Recommend Diving in to

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