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February 14, 2023

September 2022 Newsletter

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year as it was this time 17 years ago that I convinced Britni to give me a chance after a little stunt a couple of buddies and I pulled at one of her soccer games.

The other reason I love fall is it marks the time (10 years ago) we made one of the best calls of our life in moving back to Kansas City after a 2-year stint in Chicago.

Upon getting our feet on the ground, this fabulous group of ladies allowed me to start training them in Brit's parents garage (below).

As we start celebrating nine and ten-year anniversaries with those brave/crazy enough to give the gym in a garage a chance, I can't help but be overcome by gratitude for the opportunity to get to do what we do every day. Sure we've been able to grow into a pretty awesome setup, but what makes it special are the people we're been able to do it with along the way.  

Thanks for the opportunity for a fall reflection and, as always, the chance to work with you.


And of course - Join us on 10/15/2022 for our 10-year anniversary party! It's going to be a blast! RSVP below.

We have a sold-out competition with 65 teams! If you're not participating, we still have a couple of volunteer slots (click image). Everyone else, come out to watch - The competition starts at 8 am and will run until late afternoon!

We would love your vote. We think 2020FIT is a pretty great place to workout with some amazing people - We'd love for more people to know about it. Please take a minute and vote today.

Under Beauty, Health, and Fitness, vote for 2020FIT as the best Fitness Center or Gym! (if you agree :)

Congrats to our overtly best-dressed crew who went over the top with the 4-wheeler and each earned a complimentary 2020FIT hoodie. Our overall winners, the Faerber brothers, benefited with three free months of training!

You'll see Jose Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:10 and 6:10 am. We're excited to have him as he's been in the boxing world for years and brings great energy to this already awesome class!

Mark your calendar, sign up under "Events" in your 2020FIT app and tell anyone you know who wants a great Sunday night yoga session (2020 Person or not) to join you!

Attention Young People, And People Who Know Young People:

You can now afford to make your health a priority AND still have some cash left over for your bar tab. Introducing our Under 30 Rate for working professionals.

Make your life a bit easier and perhaps healthier by getting a couple meals each week that you don't need to think about.

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