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October 2, 2023

September 2023 Newsletter

2020 was our first address, and we want it to be your second address...

I've been asked over the years where "2020" comes from, so I wanted to take the chance to clear the air and finally be able to tie it into where we're going.

Back then, you had to submit your name to become a registered CrossFit affiliate. At the time we were living in Chicago and training clients in the park and in our small gym in our apartment building. The address there was "2020 North Lincoln Park West". Brit had the idea to do "2020," which I originally did not like as I knew at that point we weren't enamored with paying $2,200 a month in rent for a 700 sq/ft one bedroom (which had a sweet view) and that we'd be coming back to KC. Thus, I didn't want to be tied down to a specific address.

So I figured we could translate "2020" to correlate to hindsight or vision or something cool along the way. Well, next month, it will be 11 years of 2020, and marketing is still not my strong suit, but over the years we've figured out what 2020 actually means.

It was our first address, and what we set out to do each day is to make 2020 your second address here in KC. A place where you feel comfortable and are welcome. You have home, work, school, church, coffee shop, etc. If we can make your gym your 'second address,' we'll have all accomplished our goals.

You'll have a place that knows you and can help you accomplish what you're after, and selfishly, we'll get to work with awesome people who we look forward to seeing every day!

Let's have a great September, and cheers to fall in KC!


I was taking Kyron (see below) on his orientation tour yesterday where I took him to the garage (at the Rowley house). We do this will all our new team members to give them perspective on where we came from and the amazing gratitude we have towards those who were crazy enough to trust us back then with their time and their dollars.

Especially back then and certainly still today, we treat everyone as a client but also as an investor in what we're building. Sure we're responsible for providing a service to you all, but I want everyone to feel like we're being good shepherds of their money - read, we are always improving what have to offer and we will never stop doing that.

This is a long-winded way of me saying we're adding $5 to everyone's monthly rate. To keep the best people, to continually improve the facility, and manage the economic environment it's a necessary evil as you can imagine. I don't take the decision lightly and appreciate your investment.

You'll see this change effective 10/1, and you'll also like to know that we'll keep upgrading the facility, continue to pay above industry averages, and bring our best energy to provide the best community fitness experience possible. I truly believe we're just getting started.

We are excited and grateful to welcome Kyron Case to the team! His official first day was Monday. He joins us from F.I.T. Muscle and Joint Clinic. He brings 6 years of training experience to 2020FIT and is eager to dive in. You'll see him shadowing classes this week and begin to start assisting next week!

Get your girls (and their friends) in the gym for our ladies-only middle school and high school classes!! Contact Kym@2020.FIT to get signed up! Classes start this week!

We're listening. And we're adding more classes in the early mornings to accommodate the early birds!

Starting October 9th, we'll have two CrossFit classes at 5:15 and 6:15 am. One will be labeled SOUTH and the other NORTH. More info to come but we wanted to give you the heads up!

Looking for a fun challenge this fall!? Come out to the farm November 18th for an all you can run challenge. It's only one mile at a time....

It's a last person standing deal where you simply run one mile every 20 minutes for as long as you can. That evening we're having a bon fire and hay rides to enjoy the gorgeous fall at the farm. (use the code "2020" for $30 off)

What gets measured, get's managed. If you're not on SugarWOD tracking your results, please ask any coach for the code and we'll get you set up.

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