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November 20, 2021

September 2021 Newsletter

Fantastic. Amazing. News.

I shared a very heart-wrenching story several months back about my best buddy Michael D. and his tragic passing back in April.

Today I'm beyond grateful to share that their baby was born on Monday and Anika and Arlo are both doing amazing. He's beyond cute and is bringing so much joy to an incredible family and everyone who knew Michael.

We're going uber-simple this month and we're going for 18 days to help you dial in your habits going into fall. It starts on September 13th!!

3 components through the 18 days - Working Out, Getting Sleep, and Dialing in Nutrition. We're looking to build some great habits going into fall plus give you some fun bonus work to enhance your fitness. Sign up by clicking the image!

We are starting a subscribe and save program at 2020FIT to make your life easier and save you money!

Sign up for a monthly subscription of Bulletproof Collagen Protein and save 10%! The flavors you select will be out and ready for you to pick up on the first of each month! (2020FIT Price: $45; Your price $40.50)

This is a ONE TIME sign-up for both items, Email kenzie@2020.FIT to change your flavor, quantity, or cancel your subscription by the 15th of the month!

Your order will recur every month and be ready for you to pick up at the gym on the 1st of the month.

Collagen sign up:

LMNT Sign up:

Here is a quick video on why I love and use collagen daily:

Want to get stretched out? Book a 30-minute pure stretching session where we’ll help you fix your S#&^ but also give you a program that you can be doing on your own before/after classes. Holding hands is not required. :)

Our Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning classes are ROCKING.

If you are looking for a safe environment to get your pre-teen or teenager comfortable in the gym and to develop some amazing habits, look no further. S&C (Teens) classes are at 3:15 and SP (Pre-teens) are at 4:15 Monday - Thursday. Sign Up HERE

Dial-in your lifestyle and amplify your results! Sit down with me for an hour to create a plan for you to get the most out of your experience and make sure you're getting the results you're after!

Fill out this assessment then shoot me some times that work for you to get together!!

Are you an awesome person and love seeing people get after it? Volunteer to judge at the competition we're hosting on October 2nd. It's going to be kind of epic! Click the image to sign up.

FIRE & Ice Program coming soon. Learn how to Sauna and Ice Bath for your health, longevity, and performance. We're actively testing as a team and look to have a program rolled out in the coming weeks.

A couple of things I'm enjoying:

Happy to be sharing some great news this month and know that there are great things happening here day and in and day out. Grateful to be a part of this.

Thank YOU!


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