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Jon Rowley


March 15, 2024

Sign Up For Something

Let’s say you’ve gotten in to the rhythm of being in the gym regularly, you’re respecting your sleep, you’re not eating like an idiot, and you’re drinking this thing called “water”.

Congrats - these are all huge steps but guess what, you’re going to find yourself in a rut here before too long. You’re going to have a little too much fun at a party, a kid is going to get sick, you’re going to be sore and you’re going to take a day off, then two. Then you’re going to start up again on Monday.

What I just wrote was literally my last week until getting back on the horse literally today — only because I signed up for something next weekend...

We all know how this goes. As much as you were motivated when you joined the gym, that motivation will wane unless you give it a specific focus. And that specific focus can’t be “getting in shape.” It’s not deep enough. There is not enough WHY there.

I’ve found that whatever your goal is, it needs some other fire outside the gym that gives you a WHY for training on a daily basis. For me - it’s having something on the calendar. I’ll use a lake weekend as motivation to eat clean (vain, yes. Effective, yes). I’ll sign up for a running race I’m illy prepared for to keep my focus day in day out. I do the CrossFit Open every year for a line in the CrossFit sand.

Brit gives me a hard time here but I’m either 0 or 1. It’s fully happening or fully not happening and having that little outside focus helps keep me rolling - might it help you also? Hell yes. So yes - sign up for something. Better yet, do it with some friends.

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