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Jon Rowley


January 15, 2024

Sleep - The Only Supplement That Matters

I get asked daily - “what supplements should I be taking”. Given that I try not to be a douche, I like to meet people where they are and recommend what they’re looking for me to say - Creatine, protein, vitamin c/d, fish oil, and some greens. That’s about all I do consistently. What I really want to talk about is the one supplement that we all take that is more impactful than anything else we can put in our body. SLEEP. How much caffeine are they on? When do they get off their device at night? How long are they in bed each night? How close is your last meal to bed time? The most important tool we all have in our path to recovery from the rigors of our daily life is SLEEP. There is a great book (don’t read it as I’ll save you a lot of time) called “Good to Go” by Christine Aschwanden that chronicles every recovery modality under the sun from hyperbaric champers to sauna and ice to supplementation etc. And guess what - sleep was hands down the most powerful tool for recovery. Cliff notes recommendations:

  • Drink less caffeine or earlier in the day
  • Keep your phone out of your room (same with TV)
  • Last meal 2 hours before bed
  • Keep your room as cool as you can tolerate
  • Be in bed for 9 hours

Final note - if you get caught watching TV at night think of it this way: If you want to watch this show, movie or whatever so bad, set your alarm and watch it in the morning and go to bed now. I’ll guarantee you you’d rather sleep in the morning than watch that show so why torture yourself tonight by staying up late!?Get your sleep on friends. You’ll be a better person for it.

If you do want more info on sleep - I love this book or find him on the podcast circuit.

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