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July 14, 2023

Team Day at Steel Bridge Farms

On Tuesday July 11th we took the entire team out to the farm for the day to spend the day together doing some epic activities, talking about where the business is going from here as well as filming activities we're going to be hosting at Steel Bridge in the fall. To say we had a blast is an understatement - below is a quick recap of a lot of the things we did, and want to go back and do again soon!!

None of this would be possible without the Community Take Over. Our entire team is beyond grateful to get a day like this together once a year and have you to thank for helping to hold the fort down. What an amazing blessing!! 

We started the day at Black Dog coffee which many people go to for the coffee - I go for the almond croissants - YUM.

Before we could play we had to get some work done. This included splitting wood, building fence, dragging brush and working on the mountain biking trails.
Got a fence line rolling for one of our new pastures. Cattle are finally coming spring of 2024!!! Strong people make the job a breeze! 
Working on a new mountain bike trail on the south west corner of the property
There is no shortage of cedars that need to be cleared around our beautiful oak trees. These allgot plunked out from one of our glamping sites.
Then the fun began. Some of the crew went for a mountain bike ride while others went running and gunning.
We did a trial run of a race that we'll be putting on that will be a biathlon. Trail running and shooting (paintball guns in this case). Total blast.
Then it was time to go for a ruck as a team. We threw on some weight and then headed out on the trails.
Yoga on one of the platforms in the woods was a much needed reprieve from the ruck and a gorgeous opportunity to enjoy the solitude of the woods being way up on the platforms. You feel like you're in a tree fort.
We did not starve at the farm. This was lunch #1 with the team.
Then - what we had all been waiting for. Some great paintball action. We started in the open hay bale field and then moved on to the woods due to the epic sunshine.
Then it was jack around time. We rode some motorcycles, go karts, shot some guns and eventually blew up a log jam with a 1/2 stick of dynamite.
Fun way to wrap up an amazing day by firing a few off! Realized I don't have pics of the ice baths which were a much needed reprieve after playing paintball! 10 out of 10 recommend.

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