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Jon Rowley


March 21, 2024

March 2023 Newsletter

I have a love / hate relationship with the month of March. The wound is still open but not as raw as it once was from the shutdown...

Four years ago this month we had our grand opening party for the new facility and then 9 days after that we were giving away all our equipment with our fingers crossed it would 1) come back and 2) we'd be able to open again. What a wild world thinking back.

One thing I’ll never forget is when we shut first shut down, Brit was like - "So now we have an empty building, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, might as well stay in construction mode and continue to improve the entire building. If we’re going to go down, let’s go big."

Put another way, this solidified the notion of Work Hard, Be Kind and helped us all through a very tough time.

Which ties in to an incredible video I just saw the other day (I may be late to the party) about doing hard things and that life will not get easier. Much like the gym, the better you get, the harder things you can handle.

I love this message and hope you share what the Head Coach for Duke's Women's basketball team has to say with others, specially our young people :)

Have a great month and keep doing hard things!


Not only does she practice what she preaches but now she's here to help the 2020 Community. Kelly is our new nutrition resource. Whether you need a game plan or some accountability, she's here to help you maximize the other 23 hours of your day! Click the image above to learn more.

We're not here without you all. And we don't get the opportunity to help that neighbor, colleague, loved one that you want to see live a long, healthy life... So, feel free to send them out way and you get something for your efforts!

There's a country song that has some line about hating to watch her leave but love to watch her go.

The song is referencing something far different however it's how we feel about Kenzie leaving. She will be missed immensely and has been a huge part of the 2020 Community since her and Kyle joined back when we were at 75th and Metcalf.

We're excited for her next chapter and changing lives closer to home in Lee's Summit and grateful that everything she has brought to 2020FIT over the years! Best of luck in your new endeavors Kenzie!!

Some favorite things right now:

We've got beef (on the way..). If you're interested in being on our Steel Bridge shoppers list, click the image above. Our first shipment will be May of 2025.

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